New Life and New Civilizations; Part 1

To kick off this new series, which will highlight original species’ to make first contact with, we have the Ctenophorans!

Ctenophoran (Ten-off-er-un)
Any Era of Play

Ctenophorans are a bulbous, gelatinous sentient species with retractable tentacles. They reproduce asexually by absorbing energies from various sources near them, which causes an electric look to be seen within their translucent bodies as they grow and divide to create their young. They do not require respiration, and are therefore capable of surviving in a wide variety of environments — including underwater, in vacuum, or on land with any number of atmospheric conditions. While extreme cold will not kill a Ctenophoran, they will become increasingly lethargic until they become unable to move until thawed out. Their homeworld, Bogair, orbits a pulsar, which floods their planet with radiation that is fatal to most species’. Ctenophorans are very slow-moving due to minimal means of locomotion. While they are very intelligent, they typically approach problems in a leisurely, unhurried manner that can try the patience of more decisive sentients. This is likely due largely to their long lifespans and and slow physical movement. Ctenophorans have possessed warp drive for almost 100 years longer than Humans, but despite that, their modern vessels are only capable of warp 6 for a short time, with most vessels still using their warp 3 and 4 engines. Because of the extreme diversity of environments that they can live comfortably, they have not needed to go far to establish successful colonies, resulting in their territory being a very densely populated one, with all but the most frigid moons and planets being inhabited. That fact coupled with their deliberate nature has likely contributed to the lower speed of their vessels, since they haven’t seen the need to cross vast distances.

Example Value: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Attributes: +1 Daring, +1 Fitness, +1 Reason

Trait: Ctenophoran. Ctenophorans are a slow-moving, gelatinous species. They do not require air and can survive in extremely harsh environments. However, extreme cold can stiffen their bodies, eventually to the extent that they must be thawed out before they can move.

Talents: Ctenophorans receive access to the following talent, which must be selected during character creation:

Gelatinous Anatomy
ou are immune to non-lethal attacks. However, you have only a pair of tentacles to achieve locomotion, as a result, whenever you use the Sprint Task, the difficulty increases by two. Further, using the Movement Minor Action also has an additional cost of one Momentum (Immediate).


I hope you enjoy using them in your campaign! You can feel free to post your exploits that include this race (or derivatives that are inspired by them or use their talent) on Facebook groups, Youtube, or what have you. If you do so, I ask only that you include a link to this blog post for attribution. Otherwise, enjoy!

Expect to see more original species’ in the future, but next week we’ll start a new series which will advise role-players filling the various roles on their vessel how best to fill said role! First up; Engineers.

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